Sharp. Smooth. Long-lasting.

Premium Diamond Dental Burs.

Borgigi Diamond Dental Burs
Borgigi is an Indonesian dental bur brand by PT Timur Lautan Sukses, a manufacturing company operating in the Diamond and CBN tools industry. We apply our expertise in diamond manufacturing into making dental burs with diamond cutting head. Our dental burs are produced using high precision machining and extensive quality control in order to provide safe, high-quality diamond dental burs. The CEO of PT Timur Lautan Sukses is Mr. D. Widjaja, who obtained his experience and technical qualification in the Diamond & CBN tools industry in Germany, and has worked in this field for more than two decades.

About Us

Why Borgigi?

1. Extensive Industry Experience
Our company has more than one decade of experience in the Diamond & CBN tools industry. This gives us expertise to manufacture premium diamond dental burs.

2. Precision Manufacturing
Our dental burs are made with high precision to ensure optimal functioning. For example, diamond powder is uniformly distributed in the cutting head of our burs.

3. Multiple Use Burs
Our dental burs apply high-quality diamond, enabling the cutting head to be long-lasting. Hence, our burs can be re-used several times before they need to be replaced.